We at Smart Business Funding are a financial service provider helping small businesses across the country gain access to the funding they need when banks won’t give it to them. What makes us different from other lenders? Unlike other lenders, we actually encourage businesses with the worst credit to apply with us for funding and we won’t turn you down because of the industry you work in either just as long as you’re not a payday lender or own a legal practice.

There are probably a couple of things that set your business apart from others which could range from a unique working culture to superior customer service. When dealing with competitors, it’s always in the best interest of a business to find ways to branch themselves out so that they can stay one step ahead of the competition. There are many ways a business can differentiate themselves from rival businesses but in order for a business to stay ahead of the curve, a business must invest in cash management to avoid financial issues which is where we at Smart Business Funding come in.

With us at Smart Business Funding, you won’t need to worry about being behind on utility payments or needing money to purchase equipment immediately because we can fund your business FAST! Within 48 hours to be exact. There are no long applications and you don’t even need to put up collateral either to qualify. To get started, simply fill our short online application form and provide 3 months worth of bank statements when requested so that we can get started on funding you immediately.  Call us at 917-533-2979 if you have any inquiries about the service we can provide to you here.