Want to expand your business but don’t have the capital? You can go to a bank and apply for financing but if you don’t have good credit or collateral, getting it would be very difficult. Most business owners who apply for funding spend at least three days applying for financing from different banks. On top of this, they can spend months waiting until they finally get the money. In business, time and money are two of the most important things that matter to a business owner and the more often a small business owner gets rejected for funding, the more discouraged and less willing they are to apply for financing for new equipment, merchandise or other expenses. With us at Smart Business Funding, there’s always another option. We at Smart Business Funding, help small businesses get the working capital they need even if they have poor credit. We don’t take collateral nor do we charge fixed rates and with us, businesses can get the money they need in as quickly as 48 hours and not months like typical lenders. If you’re a business owner, call us at 917-533-2979 so that you can find better options for your small business.