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As of now, more and more businesses are making the switch to alternative lenders to provide them with more flexible financing options than their traditional lending counterparts. The application process for funding is more streamlined with alternative lenders and can usually take just days to receive the full funding amount. Applicants typically don’t have to worry about paying fees for applications or origination either as there are no upfront costs or collateral needed to apply. What’s more, banks don’t guarantee funding even after you’ve paid all the extra fees which is why alternative lenders usually have much lighter application terms. At Smart Business Funding, we’re no different as we provide small businesses across the country with the financing they need even if they have poor credit or have been in existence for only 3 months. We make applying for funding easy as our applications take only minutes to complete online and hours to be approved by us. Call us at 917-533-2979 if you want to get a free consultation or apply online now on our website. At Smart Business Funding, we have the sauce for your business!

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