As a business owner, you may feel like working hard all the time is the only way your business can succeed but by working too hard you could actually be doing more harm than good for your business. Having a life outside of work is just as important as your work life and setting aside time for your family and friends or engaging in your personal hobbies such as staying fit can help create the balance needed to keep everything in your life under control. It’s true that most business owners have more responsibilities and less free time for themselves than their employees but by working themselves too hard they could risk burning themselves out which not only jeopardizes the success of their business but their health as well. If your goal is to create a more balance work life here are some actions you can take to improve it.

Establish Boundaries

The first step you must take is to set clear and concise boundaries between yourself and everyone else involved your business. Though they don’t have to be too strict you could restructure areas in your business that will enforce how you would like to interact with your employees, customers or other important contacts in a way that will respect your time. By making this a part of your business policy you help create clear guidelines as to how you would like others to communicate with you which will eventually become a habit. You would also need to set rules for yourself as well and one of the best ways to do so is to create a list of personal actions that go against the goals you set for yourself when it comes to setting boundaries and check it periodically to make sure you’re following through with every goal you set for yourself.

Finding the right work pattern

As a business owner, you need to know when working harder is necessary for your business. There comes a time when something important comes up in a business which will require you to put in a little effort now. Such things could be making the preparations to get support from investors, creating a pitch for a new client, expanding your current business or moving it somewhere else which understandably require more of your time to prepare for. When your business has nothing else going on for it however you could use this as an opportunity to take less time to manage your business and more time to take some much-needed R&R. Keep track of your time and allow yourself to schedule time offs when you know you’re not going to be very busy and if you can schedule your daily activities like a pattern that way you can be more consistent with it.


4 Things you can do

Finding time is something that is easier said than done and the reason why it can be so difficult for many owners to make time for themselves maybe because they have too much daily responsibilities to find room for anything else. You can relieve your workload and maintain a healthy work-life balance by doing the following:

  • Delegating task- Delegating some of your daily tasks to your employees frees up the time you have in the day to focus on more important projects/task and get them done early.
  • Stay healthy- Staying healthy is key to maintaining a work-life balance. Stay active and getting plenty of sleep can help you deal with pressure better.
  • Get regular medical check-ups- Staying healthy also means getting check-ups. Doctors can see the warning signs of being overworked before you can through testing.
  • Switch off- Turning your mind off from business related affairs can help you relax better on your days off and weekends. Resist the urge to check on your business unless it’s an emergency.

Improve your working environment

When it comes to your working environment you can make some arrangements in the setting you work in to make your experience as comfortable as possible. You can redesign your office for example by putting up a few decorations, furniture or other minor renovations to make it more visually pleasing to work in. Having more sunlight in your day can have an impact on your mental health and sleeping pattern so opening blinds can help improve that. If your workspace lacks windows you can find someplace that does have more natural sunlight on your lunch break so that you get plenty of natural light. You can take your work to go if most of your responsibilities can be done online that way you won’t be confined to a cramped office every day if you want to work somewhere with more breathing room.

Your work-life balance can affect how successful your business will be in the future. Working hard is essential too much of anything is a bad thing but if you take the time to find a way to find balance in your life you’ll be able to keep your business running efficiently and find time to spend with others or just as importantly for yourself.