What is one thing that cars, clocks, and businesses have in common? They all depend on some source of power to work. For cars, it’s fuel, for clocks its batteries and for businesses, its the working capital. We at Smart Business Funding don’t make batteries nor do we provide fuel for cars but if there’s one thing we can do, its provide the working capital that businesses need to cover important expenses. With us, we don’t look at your credit history or the industry your business works in (unless its a payday lender or law firm) because we know it’s not the whole picture. We give businesses who have been rejected for funding in the past, second chances by offering them up to $500,000 that can be sent to them within 2 days without filling any paperwork. We’re flexible when it comes to our repayment plans and fixed payments and other fees are not included. Simply apply on our website or call us at 917-533-2979 to get you the funding your business deserves. Business owners can turn to us at Smart Business Funding to power their small business today!