Running your business can be daily struggle when you have numerous tasks and responsibilities to accomplish. In order for your business to meet it’s sales objective you as a business owner must depend on key areas of business some examples include creating quality products, being compliant on regulations meeting the customer’s needs. All of these are important when keeping your business operational but to make sure it has a competitive edge your business must stay on top of trends. Being driven, persistent and intelligent in your approach can help keep your business relevant and here are some examples of how you can implement strategies that can keep it that way.

Stay on top of everything but don run it all by yourself

    Take the steps necessary for you to achieve success. As a business owner it’s best you have a plan B in case you’re not present so the best contingency approach to that problem is to create a dedicated team of people you trust to perform some of the daily task you don on the regular. This would familiarize them with what you do and in case that there is ever an emergency they’ll know what to do granted you give them enough training to prepare for anything. Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage, a manufacturer of professional skin-care products often spends her time analyzing the latest trends in the world which physically takes time away from her companies home base which is why she depends on her husband COO, and business partner David Sarfati to take control so that things are operating without a hitch in her absence. Another piece of advice is hiring an executive assistant who can attend to details and other obligations that would prevent you from handling other things such as meeting with other important clients.

Keep track of what’s popular and use it to your advantage

    Finding out what aspects of your business helps keep it successful will enable you to determine what trend you should follow the most whether it be technology or fashion. Once you’ve figured that out you’d next want to find out how you can use that information to keep your relevant many businesses have websites or social media accounts that have content that keeps their customers/clients engaged to the company. Posting articles that talks about trending topics or writing blogs that talks about interesting things allows your business to have a relationship with potential customers as they make constant contact with your business’s online platforms. Blogging is not an easy skill to pick up so if you can hire skilled writers to come up with interesting things to post. “The most important challenge is the recruiting of talented writers. Excellent content is the key to our publication’s success,” says Lynn Truong, editor-in-chief and director of sales for Wise Bread, an online media company media outlets.

Make trend watching a hobby

    Some people use specific tools to stay current on trends some of which you may have to find or create. Tools that help you to do this should measure things like website traffic and must be able to function even when you’re resting. You need tools that could do the job for you because you can’t track trends 24/7 and internally designed tools are much more efficient in tracking trends so it would help a lot if you had one on hand so that in a way you can have someone else do your job when you’re not.

How are you going to input those trends in your business activities

    Knowing what trend would be useful for your business is only as useful as your plans for using it in your business. Trends can help you formulate what products or services you’re going to provide to your customers and staying on top of what’s happening in the world on a weekly basis keeps you knowledgeable and prepared as trends are constantly changing like Lydia Sarfati’s response to the economic downturn that transpired in 2008 in which the country suffered from the recession that left millions of people unemployed and some out of business. Sarfati in response to that economic trend created the Facial Bar concept which is a low cost product that offers the luxuries of a spa.”People didn’t have to spend hours in the spa. It helped boost retail sales for the spas.” she says and trend tracking can make you make adjustments to your annual plans. Be aware of any changes in trends that would force you to rethink your business’s annual plans because that could affect your customers too. Lynn Truong, editor-in-chief and director of sales for Wise Bread says “How your customer looks in an evening gown, how effectively her investment accounts are serviced or how relevant blog posts are to her daily life—all these matter”