Wouldn’t be amazing if the money you need for your business can just fall out of the sky? While we at Smart Business Funding can’t make it rain money, we can help your small business get quick access to funding without the need for good credit or collateral. How may you ask? With our financial services, businesses working in all industries (except payday lenders and law firms) can qualify to receive financing in the form of a merchant cash advance. This advance allows businesses to receive between $1,000-$500,000 in business funding less than 2 days with perks such as short application forms, high approval rates, no fixed monthly payments, late fees or interest and an automated repayment plan that won’t hurt your business’s cash flow. To reach out to us, simply call us at 917-533-2979 or visit our website www.smartbusinessfunder.com. With us, you won’t need an umbrella so call today!