Independent Sales Organization & Sales Partners

Partnering with Smart Business Funding

A proven source of access to capital for small business, Smart Business Funding can be a very rewarding sales partner for you. Our more flexible approach to small business finance has helped our sales partners earn large commissions.

As a Smart Business Funding sales partner, you’ll be working with a company that has high customer retention. You’ll also have the tools, products, and knowledge you need to close more deals and develop new revenue streams through your independent sales organization.

Dedicated to your success

Smart Business Funding sales partners are critical to our success. For that reason, we’ll provide you with access to a team of relationship managers all focused on helping you reach your maximum earning potential.

They’ll answer your questions one-on-one. Guide your deals from start to finish. And work with you to help you stay ahead of the competition.

At Smart Business Funding our goal is to help our sales partners diversify their selling capacity, attract more customers, and help lengthen their relationship with them.