Business Funding can help your small business in several different ways. Maybe you want to expand your marketing and advertising efforts, or perhaps you want to increase your inventory or remodel at your current location. Maybe you need to purchase new equipment, increase your working capital, buy out a partner, or take care of some emergency repairs or tax payments. If you need or want to do any of these things but don’t quite have the funding to do so,  business funding may be perfect for you.

Small business owners everywhere understand the value of having access to business funding to help out and grow their businesses in substantial ways. If you’re considering applying for business funding, we urge you to consider using Smart Business Funding. We can get you pre-approved for business funding in as little as a few hours. To make the process simpler and faster, read on to learn how to determine if your small business is a good candidate for our business funding program. You may be a great candidate if you…

…Are Not Looking for a Bank Loan

While our business funding can assist you in ways similar to a bank loan, we are not a bank. We are a team of financial service professionals, and we will look over all aspects of your particular business in order to determine your qualification for one of our business financing products. Oftentimes, small businesses have an easier time getting approved by us than they do by a bank.

…Have Established Your Business for Some Time

In order to qualify for one of our funding products, your business must have been open for 3 months prior to your applying.

…Meet the Minimum Monthly Sales Requirements

Your monthly sales must be no less than $10,000, and you must have no open bankruptcies or judgments.

…Are Determined and Excited to Grow Your Business

We are looking for wise investments, and we make sound financial decisions when it comes to approving companies for business loans. The amount of money you can qualify for will depend on your particular situation, and we simply require a few particular documents in order to approve you and give you funding. If you’re ready to grow your business and improve the overall health of your company, contact us at Smart Business Funding today!

We are a financial services provider that answers the cash flow needs of small businesses. We are financial service experts, and we are excited to help you out with a business loan that’s perfect for your particular needs. You can reach us via phone at (888) 227-1803, via email at, or by filling out our Contact Form.