We at Smart Business Funding are pleased to introduce our new marketing intern Gloria Du!

1.What’s your name?

Gloria Du

2.Where are you from?

Beijing, China

3.What interests you?

Marketing, Branding, Business

4.What’ s your favorite color?


5.What’ s your favorite food?

Peking Duck

6.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Since I want to further my study after I graduate from college. That would be my first year of working by then. Maybe I will be doing something related to brand planning in a company, working hard.

7. Why does marketing interest you?

Because it is so important which determines the value of a business from customer’ s perspective.

We at Smart Business Funding would like to welcome Gloria to our company and industry.

Gloria can be reached at: Gloria@Smartbusinessfunder.com