What do bars, nightclubs, gas stations and hotels all have in common? They are some of the few industries with the greatest risk when it comes to business lending. There are several reasons why many small businesses get rejected for funding and the type of industry the business works in is one of them. Some businesses can be affected more by new regulations or changes in the market than others which could affect their ability to repay a debt. With the recent decline of banks lending money small businesses too, many owners are turning to other sources such as alternative lenders who are now taking the place of traditional lenders in the financing world. Alternative lenders such as us at Smart Business Funding can provide businesses working in these risky industries a quick and easy access to funding regardless of their credit rating. With our no-hassle application process, if you own a business in the following industries, rest assured that we at Smart Business Funding got you covered.

The restaurant industry is notorious for being one of the most difficult businesses to receive financing. They require extensive capital to maintain the supplies, staffing, equipment, and food in order to stay in business on top of other unexpected expenses like maintenance repairs and insurance. Resturant owners here can apply for funding by filling out our short online application form which takes less than a thirty minutes to complete and wait to get approved by us which also doesn’t take long. Owners have the option to apply for a restaurant merchant cash advance or a business cash advance with us.

Bars/Night Clubs
Due to how highly regulated they are, bars and nightclubs also pose an investment risk for banks. We provide offers that are based on analyzing the future revenue potential to businesses working in this industry. If you qualify, you can receive the money within two days with no restrictions when it comes to where the money goes. If you own a bar, club or liquor store and you need financing now, look no further than us at Smart Business Funding.

Hotels and motels operate in a cyclical industry which makes it critical that they find the right kind of funding. Our flexible funding options can help restaurants big or small get what they need to help them expand or provide them with reserve funding during slow seasons. We also offer emergency funding whenever there’s an unexpected expense that requires immediate payment. For more information, you can click here.

Gas Station
If you need capital for your gas station, we’ve got you covered. By receiving a merchant cash advance, not only do you get quick access to funding but you’d also get very flexible payment terms and not have to pay interest or fixed monthly payments after receiving the money. Repayment is taken automatically from your business’s credit revenue at an adjusted rate so that you can keep up with the payments and not worry about being behind on any. You can depend on us to secure working capital for your gas station to keep it operational.

Smart business Funding is there for your business no matter what industry it is in (except payday lenders and law firms). Call us now at 917-533-2979 or explore our website at www.smartbusinessfunder.com to see what options exist for your small business. Apply now!