Face to all of the innovations in technology, it is now easier than ever to have a very effective Six Sigma Team that isn’t even located within the same organization, let alone the same state or even the same country. However, upper management will have a key role in maintaining group dynamics and fostering team success.

One of the most essential parts of a proper Six Sigma Team is communication. Without it, every single project will fail every single time. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve worked with people or how well-oiled you think your machine is, because communication is always something that you can use. While the higher-level members of the team are responsible for keeping the team together and on the same page, the upper management also has some responsibility to take on. In regards to team dynamics, upper management needs to do whatever they can to assist in helping teams operate as one even when they are in 10 different places.

Upper management needs to provide the proper staff for the Six Sigma Projects, as well as the money, time, consultants, and other resources that are necessary for the success of a Six Sigma Project. Without this support, projects will fail every time, which is not what you want. As a token of their appreciation, the Six Sigma Team should work that much harder to develop a program that offers a successful return on investment that has been made into their team. This includes regular reports and status updates that are given to the upper management of a company, allowing them to keep tabs on the project as it goes along.

It is hard enough to keep a Six Sigma Team together when they are all in the same place if you do not have the support of upper management. However, when the team is scattered about the globe, it is even more critical to have that support for the success of Six Sigma Projects. Not only will this support help the team to succeed, but it will also help to deter and eliminate potential roadblocks that could come up. If that support is not available, failure is inevitable as the team will feel on organized and underappreciated in their efforts.

A good top level management professional, will not only get creative solutions but will also successfully motivate each team to success. This top level efforts will span the globe and work when the teams are literally worlds apart by creating a dynamic environment that will draw each group into the realm of “all in the same place” mentality. It is better to let the master black belts manage the team, however it is more important that the company support and project concerns are real so that each team and member will feel they are making a positive change that everyone will benefit from and learn from, resulting in motivation to see every project they are a part of to be a success every timeArticle Submission, all the time.

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