If you are struggling to get leads to your business or just don’t know how to get more traffic to your website then look no further. Below are a few ways to get free leads as well as how to get cheap leads through paid ads (depending on on your business).

1. You can create a mailing list. When a customer or person comes onto your website you can have them opt in to your newsletter or after the sale you can have them opt in to receive special offers. You can use an email marketing service such as MailChimp to build your list and eblast them every so often.

2. You can run paid ads on Google search as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn ads. I have personally seen the best results for my business from AdWords, because so many people turn to Google when they have a question or need a product.

3. Another great way to increase your visibility and traffic to your website is to run your own blog or do guest blogs and link back to your site. Look for blogs in your specific niche only, and then simply link back to your website. This will help create a backlink for your website and help you get some SEO juice back to your site.

4. My last way on how to get traffic to your website is to create “how to” videos on YouTube. Make sure your titles are optimized and include quality content in your description as well; You’ll want to also add a link to your website in the description. Make sure your videos are relevant to your website/products.

Another important factor to help rank your website on Google and to get traffic is building backlinks as well as writing high quality content. In my blog posted below I have a few great websites where you can get a high domain authority backlink for free 🙂

Thank you for reading, for more helpful tricks read my full blog here: https://medium.com/p/how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-from-beginning-to-end-7f4872a5e203

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