Oregon is a great place for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get started. The Small Business Administration has put together a comprehensive resource for Oregon businesses that are getting started and want to stay in business.

Oregon small business loans enable businesses of various sizes to stay in business and accomplish more in less time. If you are looking to either stay in business or take your small business to the next level, additional financing will help you to get there.

Benefits of Oregon Small Business Loans

Outside financing helps any size business to accomplish more in less time. Additional funding typically has a much larger and positive impact on businesses that are smaller as they traditionally have less capital than a larger corporation. Here are some of the most significant benefits that small business funding can offer to your company.

  • Launch Larger Marketing Campaigns
  • Hire New Team Members
  • Redecorate Your Office or Store
  • Open an Additional Location
  • Upgrade Equipment and Resources
  • And more! You get to pick how your small business loans are used.

How to Get Oregon Small Business Loans

Oregon small business loans are easy to acquire with Smart Business Funding. In just three simple steps, you can have all the funding your small business needs to succeed in Oregon.


To begin receiving funds, you first need to fill out a short application for you and your business. You will be asked for your average monthly sales, your experience with cash advances, the amount of funds you want to receive, a description of your business, and other business, legal, and contact information. In just a matter of minutes you’ll be able to send your application and await for your qualified loan.


Next, we will begin to qualify your business for a small business loan. We may contact you for additional information or may request additional documentation, but only what is necessary to complete the qualification process. The rule of thumb is that you must have been in business for a minimum of three months and have $10,000 in monthly sales.

The qualification process can take up to a day or less, depending on your business and how quickly the additional information can be sent. We aim to get your business qualified for funding as quickly as possible.

Receive Funds

After you have applied and qualified for a small business loan, you will receive your funds. In less than a day you will have the funds you need to carry on with your business. There are two primary sources of funding that you can receive: merchant cash advance and commercial cash advance.

Merchant Cash Advance

We purchase a small percentage of future credit card sales in exchange for up to 125% of your monthly credit card volume as merchant cash.

Commercial Cash Advance

We purchase a small percentage of future cash sales in exchange for up to 125% of your monthly revenue as cash funding.

Ready to receive Oregon small business loans so that you can expand and grow your business? Give us a call or contact us today at Smart Business Funding to get started! We will help you to find the perfect cash advance and loan option to advance your business.