If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve probably gotten used to the headaches that come with running your business. From day one, you’ve carefully taken the steps necessary to bring your business idea to life by doing the research, finding the best spot to open your business and doing the math when it comes to the cost. Throughout the process, you’ve stuck by your business plan and stayed up to date on new laws and the latest technology that can affect your business. Mistakes were probably made along the line but each one was a learning experience for you that have helped made you make better decisions for your business’s future.

If you’ve looked for financing in the past, you’ve most likely borrowed money from banks, credit unions or received financing from the SBA to support your business. Each of these funding options has their own strengths and weakness and while the three are the most popular sources financing, many applicants face numerous challenges when it comes to qualifying to receive them. Most banks, for example, require a strong credit rating, collateral and high track record of success which prevents many places from applying. SBAs offer more favorable rates to businesses and even can be used to start a business but the application process is notoriously long and difficult.

Credit unions like, SBAs, offers better terms for applicants and have increased their lending services to small businesses for almost a decade but membership is usually required. Grants and crowdfunding are two other viable sources of funding but high demands for their services usually requires you to find ways to stand out from other applicants which can be very difficult. Luckily for businesses that need money fast but lack the good credit or long history to qualify for traditional funding can turn to alternative financing sources like merchant cash advances which has all the benefits offered by traditional lending options with some exceptions.

Good credit and collateral are two requirements that are not needed to apply and all interest applicants will come to find that applying for a merchant cash advance has never been easier. Applications are quick and easy and your credit rating won’t be affected as cash advances are sales transactions that won’t appear on a credit report. Approval rates are high and payment is taken from your business at an adjusted rate from your monthly sales so there are no worries about being behind on payments.

Small businesses interested in receiving this form of funding can apply with us at Smart Business Funding. We constantly strive to provide the best quality service for our clients and work with them to ensure that they get the funding they need with terms that work best for them. We understand the struggles of being a business owner which is why we won’t turn you down because of the industry you work in (except for payday lenders and law firms) and focus on the future prospects of your business and not its past. All we ask is that you provide evidence that you’ve been in business for at least 3 months and generate $10,000 or more a month in sales revenue.

If your the owner of a small business and you need money for your business now, call us at 917-533-2979 or visit our website and apply with us so we can get started in helping you. Don’t let rejections hold your business back and apply today!