Every business startup has certain aspects of their beginnings that can be compared to all the other businesses out there. They all need a specific set of services or products that they plan to offer to their target market. They all need a target market. Each business needs someone to do the work and each and every business needs to have funds in the bank to get the ball rolling.

Supplies, registration fees, marketing materials all cost money to obtain, and a business startup needs to have them. How can small businesses obtain the funds they need to begin the process?

Keep It Close to Home

In today’s economic climate, banks are keeping a right reign on funds that they are making available to potential loan applicants. Small banks are facing high levies due to the larger banks monopolizing the bulk of loan applications, and this means that your average corner bank will make it difficult, if not impossible, for a business startup to obtain the startup capital they need.

Without your local bank, what options do you have? Family is always a first suggestion. Perhaps you have a family member that would be interested in investing in your new business as a silent partner, where you could exchange initial loan interest and repayments for a percentage of ownership or profit sharing in your new company.

If you do go to family, don’t neglect in writing up a contract with them covering the terms of your agreement. It will help eradicate any possibility of confusion or contention in the future.

Look Before Your Leap

If you have done the initial legwork for your business and can afford to wait a bit of time before taking your business on full-time, take this time to save some money that could benefit you with your business startup costs. Even if you only take a few months time, you could compile a little nest egg to use for your initial costs.

A Bird in the Hand

If you are interested in investing in your business, then take a look at your existing accounts and assess what you can afford to risk for the possibility of a successful business. Keep in mind that your hard work and marketing initiatives will drive the success your business achieves, but you still need to pay your bills while your company grows. Keep enough in the bank to cover your necessities.

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