Your business is like a machine in constant need of energy to keep it running. Just like a machine, a business has many components that perform various roles that work together to achieve a common purpose. Said components include marketing, sales, and operating activities that which despite their differences, all depend on cash flow to function. Cashflow plays an important role in the day to day activities of a business because it provides the “fuel” needed to cover expenses, purchase inventory, pay salaries and much more. Business owners who don’t have access to the capital needed to support these activities risk losing their business all together which is why they turn to institutions like banks to fund them. The primary issue lies in the fact that funding from these traditional lenders usually comes with very restrictive terms and are becoming increasingly hard to come by. Frustrated business owners and merchants desperate for funding can turn to alternative lending options such as merchant cash advances from lenders like us at Smart Business Funding. With us, we can give your business the financing it needs with no interest, fixed payments, collateral or the need for good credit. We fund businesses fast usually within 2 days after completing our short online application form. Repayment is a simple process as we receive a portion of your business’s credit revenue using a factor rate that adjusts based on the income level of your business meaning you won’t be behind on payments. The best part is our funding is flexible enough to work for businesses working in all industries except payday lenders and law firms and with our high approval rates, you’re more than likely to qualify to receive funding from us. To reach us, call or text us at 917-533-2979 and keep fueling the machines running your business now!