Five Tips to Help Avoid Event Management Stress by Sapan Kothari
At EZregister, we’ve seen our fair share of events being run through our online event registration system. After speaking with hundreds of event organizers, we put together these five tips to help you manage your event.
1. Start Planning Early Your event is off in the distant future, so no need to start planning now, right? No! The earlier you can start planning your event the better. Depending on the size and scope of your event, it can make sense to start planning a year or more in advance. When you procrastinate, you’re setting your self up for unnecessary stress. Allowing ample time for planning and organizing, you are setting yourself up for success.
2. Get Help from Others Going it alone is usually not a good idea. And since you started early in the planning process, you have time to form a committee of people that can help with different aspects of your event: booking the venue, soliciting sponsorships, decorating, and all of the other things that you’ll need to do.
3. Checklists and More Checklists So much to keep track of, so little time. Staying organized is key to keeping your sanity while planning an event. With you and your committee planning all of the details of your event, checklists are key to keeping everyone updated on the event status. Using an online event registration system like EZregister can keep track of all of your attendees, which can make life much easier for you.
4. Expect the Unexpected and Focus on the Event’s Goal Without a doubt, some things won’t go as planned. Caterers arrive late, flower shops deliver the wrong flowers, decorations don’t look as good as expected. Event planning requires flexibility, and most importantly, a focus on the goal of the event.
If you get red balloons instead of blue, your guests won’t notice. If the caterer brings a different brand of wine than you ordered, the event will still go on. Try to keep focused on the goal of your event and realize that 99% of your guests are not looking at all the details you are.
5. Hold a Recap Meeting You had your event, and everything was a success. If it’s going to turn into a recurring event, having a recap meeting is the best way to identify ways to make the next event even smoother to manage. Even if it was a one-time event, it’s also an excellent way for you to acknowledge all of your committee helpers, sponsors, and attendees. If you held a networking or lead generation event, it’s also the time to follow up on new relationships and leads.

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