At Smart Business Funding we offer business funding opportunities to merchants that are high risk with credit challenges. We believe that everybody deserves another chance.

Smart Business Funding is displaying this concept with our sports marketing channels as well.

We just sponsored #GabrielTitoBracero in his latest fight against Thomas Lammana in the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City 2/24/2018.

Bracero has had a rough and checkered past. He has been in trouble with the law and has been incarcerated. While away, Bracero committed himself to the sport his dad taught him and decided to turn his life around. Once out, Bracero restarted his rigorous training schedule with some of the best trainers in the world. Bracero is, focused, eating healthy and is in peak physical fitness. We look forward to Bracero’s success in his boxing future.

Like Bracero, Smart Business Funding is looking to give high risk and credit challenged businesses another chance. We believe that people make mistakes, businesses have ups and downs and we would like to extend opportunities to anyone who shows up and decides that they are ready to fight for success.

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