Green Business
      With climate and environmental issues becoming more talked about these days more people are focusing their attention on more green solutions that would allow human activity to have a minimum impact on the ecosystem. Businesses now are starting to make the move to being “green” businesses which are businesses that aim to create a more eco friendly co-existence between communities and the environment by implementing business practices that are committed to creating a more environmentally sustainable future. Green businesses are fortunate enough to exist at a time where environmentalism is growing creating a rapidly growing target market with the global market for “environmental technologies” already expected to generate over $ 1 trillion dollars( Entrepreneurs now can feel content with running their business while making a positive impact in the world we live in and you as an entrepreneur/ business owner can do the same with these 6 ideas.

Using Environmentally-friendly products
      In order for you to start making a positive impact on the environment your business must start by using products that have little impact on it. There are many things that we throw or flush away that we don’t think twice about that goes into water ways and wastelands that contaminates the air we breath and the land we use. Cleaning/ washing products such as detergents for example have use a chemical called phosphate that once it is drained in sewage plants makes its way into ponds and rivers and stimulates the growth of algae and cyanobacteria which increase the toxicity because of the waste material being produced that displaces the oxygen in the water killing life within it. This process is known as eutrophication and in response governmental regulations have now been imposed in places like the European Union requiring that all detergents must be biodegradable. An idea that you can adopt if you’re in the cleaning business is to market eco-friendly products which will give you an edge over your competition considering that the cleaning service business is still growing and your business will have a more Earth conscious  image to the public.

Reduce energy cost
      The cost of energy is still expected to continue moving up and so more people are making the switch to more energy saving products like LED light bulbs and smart power strips which also just happen to be more safe for the environment. Technology is changing at a rapid rate and at this time more innovations are being made in green technology that would allow people to save more on the cost for their heating/electric bill while consuming less energy. Solar energy being one of the sources of innovation have technology like solar water heating systems that can help save energy and solar panels that are seeing a growth rate of over 140% every year in Canada and about 119% in America as of last year ( Your business can benefit from this as they can save money not just in the amount of energy they use but also in the subsidies that the government will provide to them in financial assistance as well.

Help people find what they’re looking for
      Some people choose to grow their food locally as it saves them the cost of having to buy them in stores and is considered more safer to consume because there are no harmful ingredients used such as pesticides, hormones or foreign contaminants that might have a negative impact on your health. Farmer markets are an excellent source of foods and other goods that are made locally that people can use without having to venture very far and you can get your business involved too if you sell products that are locally made that way you can create a relationship where both you and the farmers can benefit from each others business.

Offer consulting services on how to be green
      With green energy and business practices becoming more popular some people though don’t know where to begin when it comes to implementing ideas on how to make their  business more green which is where your business could help. Green business consultation is an idea you can use if you’re great at giving advice and have experience in consulting. Green business consultants examine areas in their clients business that can be changed so that they can be more green such areas can include energy usage where a consultant can recommend things such as insulation or weather stripping so that the cost of heating/cooling can be lowered. Some of them could also offer event management services to which they can coordinate every aspect of the event your business is hosting so that every activity is handled the green way.

      These are some of the ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly and save money at the same time. Green businesses however are not particularly very profitable because though most people don’t go in it for the money but for the thought that they’re doing something positive that would have a big impact on the environment in the future. If you’re not in the green business you don’t have to make any of these changes if you’re not concern about the environment but if you want to save money you can use some of these tips so that your profit margins can improve. To those that do however you can run your business to help people lead greener lives and ultimately create a brighter future for the Earth.