Will the employees in an entrepreneur dominant corporate freely and frankly express their unhappiness to the HR?  How HR will usually behave in such an organizations?  Will they play second fiddle to the entrepreneur or will be firm on the cultural ingredients of the organization?

In general, the truth and facts always take the second seat in such corporate and only what is pleasing to the entrepreneur will dominate in all discussions and debates.  No employee will dare to speak truth and nor is allowed or encouraged to do so.

In due course, the HR also would loose its sensitivity in knowing the true culture that is prevailing in the organization.  When pretention and falsehood become omnipresent in the corporate, knowing the truth through the method of remote sensing or by non-intervention become almost impossible.

How to understand the presence of such culture in the organization?  If a new HR head joins such corporate may find it extremely difficult separate or sieve out pretention from the real which is so rampantly prevalent in the organization.  Unless such distinction is not made out, culture change in the corporate is not going to be possible.

Interacting/discussing with people is an interventional process and which will help only to a limited extent in knowing the truth as none of the employees will dare to speak the truth in such organizations.

HR can understand or unravel the truth easily if they approach the problem from a naturalist’s point of view.    The two key parameters can easily tell about the HR culture in the organization viz.,

a)                  Too much of socialized grouping

b)                  Too much of fights and competition

signals the deteriorating culture of the organization.

Usually, only the herbivorous (plant eating) animals such as buffaloes, wild beast, zebra, deer etc., live in herd or group.   Threat from the predator compels them to live in groups.  If people in the organization live in group means the HR culture is not so healthy.   Competition free environment does not mean ‘satisfaction’; it also can be due to fear or threat.

Highly satisfied and highly dissatisfied employees never able to contribute growth to the organization.  Only weak people forms groups in general and strong people seldom form a part of any group.  Similarly, too much of competition is also indicative of lack of fairness and lack of any growth opportunity in the organization.

‘Co-existence’ should be understood differently from ‘collective existence’.   The major task the HR must take up is to identify and remove the cause, encourage competence & healthy competition, teach about co-existence and discourage the psychology of collective existence.

The HR can achieve all theseComputer Technology Articles, only if the entrepreneur is fair and understand the organization is above him/her and he or she is not the organization.    Both the HR and the entrepreneur need value and vision only then they could collectively promise the best culture to the employees.

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