It was recently discovered that in certain waterways throughout Florida, algal blooms have been negatively affecting certain businesses. Governor Rick Scott has chosen to open up assistance to businesses that have been affected by the algal blooms by activating the “Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program” to help offset damage costs.

While this is a great step and initiative of the local government to help small businesses, it may not be enough to completely save the business from the financial damage caused by algal blooms.

At Smart Business Funding we know all about the importance of staying funded through both the highs and lows.

What Is the Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program?

The Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program is a short-term loan offering to assist a small business in the event of a local emergency that could negatively impact their daily operations. Understanding the importance of small businesses, the governor wanted to respond quickly with an initiative to support the backbone of the state’s financial success.

Supplement Your Finances with a Small Business Loan

At Smart Business Funding, we can provide a supplement to your business finances, even if you have taken advantage of the Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program that has been put into motion by the governor. For many local businesses, the loan opportunity provided by the state of Florida is not enough to cover all of the expenses of their daily operations. This is why we want to provide you with an opportunity to make ends meet with a Florida business loan.

Even if your business didn’t qualify for the special loan offering provided by the state of Florida, Smart Business Funding can still assist your business by providing you with an opportunity of our own.

We know that it’s not always easy to get a loan from any other source, especially from traditional banking companies, and is why we make our small business loan process very quick and simple. Our application process does not take long to complete and many businesses get approved. We have a higher approval rate than other financial institutions and you typically get your funding within just a couple of days!

Supplementing your business finances and sales with a small business loan from Smart Business Funding can be the difference between a stressful month dealing with the algal blooms and a month filled with financial progress and profit.

Give us a call today or send us a message at Smart Business Funding. Our small business loans are easy to acquire, affordable and comes with two primary loan options that makes it versatile for many different business models.