Ever heard something that was too good to be true? Most of the time, it may seem like things that are too good to be true are unfortunately just that, but we at Smart Business Funding don’t think that it always has to be the case. If you’ve never heard of a merchant cash advance, it is basically all the good things that a business owner hopes to find when it comes to receiving financing. Applicants who apply with MCA lenders like us can expect to receive funding up to half a million dollars delivered to their business in less than 48 hours, not weeks, but hours. We also don’t require good credit to apply nor do we take collateral. We fund all industries except payday lenders and law firms and with our high approval rates, as long as you’ve been in business for a minimum of 3 months and make at least $10,000 a month in sales revenue, your business may already qualify to receive working capital from us. To get started, all we need is for you fill out our short online application form and provide 3 months worth of bank statements so we can view what options work best in your favor. Don’t wait on banks or other lenders to get you the money you deserve and call us now at 917-533-2979. Enter a whole different way of applying for financing.