A smart business owner is always prepared to give a confident pitch and market their business to a person of interest. You may come across potential investors, partners or consumers anytime. Once you have told them all about your thriving business, you need to share your contact information.

This is usually done through a business card but people rely heavily on digital means as well. Consider what would happen if that person’s phone was lost or your details got deleted by mistake. That’s one of the main reasons why handing out a business card is a better idea than sharing information digitally.

Whether you give the job of designing your business card to your company’s design team or you decide to hire another professional, the design is of the utmost importance. Your business card is like the first impression of your brand so you have to work hard on presenting yourself in the best manner. Here a couple of tips to point you in the right direction.

1 – Logo focus

Always look for opportunities to market yourself tastefully so that your brand maybe recognized by more people especially your target audience. One of the best ways to make your brand memorable is to incorporate your logo wherever possible particularly in your business card design. Make sure it occupies a prominent position and stands out against the background.

2 – Contact details

Decide what kind of contact information you wish to share through your business card. Your business card will have your name on it even if you have business partners or you are just an employee. Keep things as concise as possible to avoid clutter. The worst thing is to have too much text on your business card.

3 – Typography

Think about the kind of fonts which are popular these days and what kind of effect you are trying to create through the design elements. Stay true to your brand to ensure the typography doesn’t clash with your brand image. If you’re going for a minimalistic look you could produce an impactful business card by simply playing with typography.

4 – Readability

Be very careful about the size and style of the font you choose. Some fonts look great but maybe difficult to read. Your text must be clear and legible to the reader. It’s best to print out a sample for testing before you send it out for mass printing.

5 – Space usage

It’s essential that you make the most of the limited space you have in your business card. There’s nothing worse than a business card with text and graphics cramped up together. Keep plenty of empty space to keep it classy. You might wish to do away with extra graphics and only add basic text besides your logo.

6 – Suitable finish

There are several kinds of finishes for business cards these days so ask around about the options available. Usually people go for either glossy or matte finish depending on the kind of brand image they are trying to project. Matte finish looks pretty chic and is suitable for trendy sophisticated business cards.

7 – Add trends

If you are confused then just go with the flow and make use of existing trends. This concept guarantees your business card will be liked by your target audience and not appear outdated. So, it’s a safe option for new businesses that need to gain quick recognition in the market.

8 – Creative surprise

If you want to go the creative route, you will need to consult your marketing team about what kind of idea would suit your brand image. This will help people link the idea to your brand’s philosophy. There are many business card printing services that can help you with such designs.

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