When we mention the fact that modern technology “spins the world around” and gives benefits to everyone in today’s society, we must be aware that there are people who try to get past and take advantage of it. 
These modern crimes that affect today’s technology are known as cybercrimes, and are defined as the greatest threat to companies nowadays, creating a total damage of $4 billion to the global economy. 
Modern antivirus software like <a href=”https://www.16best.net/avast/“>Avast</a> and firewalls like ZoneAlarm mitigate a great deal of threats, but all their advanced protection can be brought to naught by careless end users.
The main purpose of these crimes is causing harm or loss to an individual or a company. There are many forms in which these crimes assume, but the most common are conducted by making frauds, stealing identities, making scams, spamming, etc. 
Many companies have been the target of cybercriminals and since the beginning of the 21st century, millions and millions of accounts have been hacked. Yahoo, Sony PlayStation Network, eBay, Target Stores, Equifax are among the hundreds of companies which have been hacked.
One of the main problems with being famous is hacking, and many celebrities weren’t exempted from this “fashion” as well, with Tiger Woods, Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and Emma Watson being just few of them. 
As we mentioned earlier, the damage that cybercrimes create is astonishing, and it is only going to grow in the years that come, with an estimated damage of a mind blowing $6 trillion by 2021. It is expected that in the same year, more than $800 billion will be spent on cybersecurity, which is of utmost importance for companies around the world.
We as individuals can secure ourselves by creating strong passwords, locking the personal information on social network platforms, using strong encryption on our home networks, etc. Companies are trying everything they can to prevent cybercrimes, and they are already spending huge piles of money in order to minimize the effect that hacking can have on their businesses.