Customer Appreciation And Business by Admin

Appreciation is one of the greatest feelings that anyone can receive whether it’s from a friend, co-worker or anyone else you’re associated with. Feeling appreciated lets you know that other people value the work or service you provided them with and it can come in different forms from a simple thank you to assortment of gifts. In business, many employers show appreciation to their employees through praises, promotions or raises which can encourage employees to be more productive benefitting the organization as a whole. Of course, employees are not the only group that deserves appreciation for their services to a business or small organization as customers too have an important role in the day to day activities of a business.

At Smart Business Funding, we understand how important it is for our clients to feel appreciated which is why we make it so easy for them to receive our services without the hassle that comes with applying with other lenders. Most banks typically see businesses interested in applying for funding as just another consumer in need of their services which is why the customer service between them can be perceived as being cold and indifferent. We know how frustrating it can be for a small business to find funding which is why we offer quick and easy access to funding with favorable terms to our clients. As we know, a business is literally nothing without its customers and so it only makes sense for a business to show how grateful they are to the one group of people who chose your establishment over all others to receive your products or services.

While this may be considered common sense for most businesses to practice, others can tend to lose sight of that as they focus more on scaling their business which can create a divide between them and their customers. Many businesses today, however, use what is known as customer appreciation strategies to give back to their loyal customers by taking certain actions such as sending thank you notes online or through their mail, offering customers special perks or discounts after shopping with your business after a certain amount of time and even including some of their most loyal customers profile on their websites. In 2013, Pizza Hut gave out some of its customers who were in relationships pizza-scented perfumes labeled Eau de Pizza Hut and a $20 gift card in a Valentine’s day themed marketing promotion campaign using Twitter. While the gesture helped people recognize the brand’s sense of humor, it also shows how far they were willing to go to show how much they appreciate their customers. We at Smart Business Funding are grateful for all of our clients and ISOs who’ve been with us over the past year and we would like to thank you for choosing us to provide you with the quality service you deserve. We wish all of our clients continued success for the new year and that you will still choose us to help your business get the quality service it needs for 2018.

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