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Commercial Cash Advance

Commercial Cash Advance

Learn How To Get A Commercial Cash Advance

At Smart Business Funding we understand the importance of getting additional funding for operations, inventory, and more. We are committed to helping you get the financial backing you need to grow or save your business by making our financing process quick, stress free and simple. We help business of all sizes get the funding they need.

There’s no reason that any business owner should turn down an opportunity that will grow their business strictly because they don’t have all of the funding that instant. With our Commercial Cash Advance, business owners can utilize additional financing when they need it most.

commercial cash advance


Get Funded With A Commercial Cash Advance

Smart Business Funding makes the funding process very streamlined in order to make your financing experience pleasant. Our financing process can be broken down into 4 stages: Apply, Qualify, Receive, Reimburse.



Business owners can fill out a very short and simple form with Smart Business Funding to see if they qualify for a loan. You will need bank statements from the previous three months for your business, in addition to credit card statements as needed, which will be delivered to our team.



We will then review the information that has been provided by your business. Overall, most inquiries get approved within just hours. In order for a business to qualify, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Has a sales volume of at least $10,000.00 every month.
  • The business has been in operation for 3 months or longer.
  • The bank account of the business must not go negative more than 8 times per month.

At Smart Business Funding we work with all industry types with the exception of law firms and financial institutions.



If you are approved, you will receive your funding in as little as 48 hours or less! Our mission is to get business funds in your hands as quickly as possible so you can continue growing your business.



Paying back the cash advance is easy with Smart Business Funding.  Also known as an “ACH Deal” or “ACH Funding,” the process involves paying back a specific amount each day or week directly to Smart Business Funding as reimbursement for the prior financial backing. Commercial cash advance is ideal for companies that want to directly control the amount they pay and how often, which can be worked out during initial agreements.

Our Commercial Cash Advance Process

Get The Funding You Need Today

Apply for the cash advance or give us a call to learn more about our commercial cash advance. Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to apply! A cash advance from Smart Business Funding can help your business succeed.