Banks are typically very picky lenders especially when it comes to financing small businesses. Small businesses are considered riskier investments for banks then personal financing as the chances of default are high among businesses. A vast majority of small businesses are rejected by banks when it comes to financing for many reasons such as, weak cash flow, bad credit, lack of preparation of applicants, operating in a risky industry and low return on funding request that are under $500,000.  New businesses are at a greater disadvantage as they usually lack the collateral and amount of years in business needed to qualify for funding which could be years for some lenders. With the recent decline in small business financing from banks, however, many businesses are now turning towards other sources for financing from alternative lenders like us at Smart Business Funding. With us, we accept applications from small businesses even if they have poor credit or work in risky industries (except payday lenders and law firms) and collateral is not needed to apply. We understand how difficult it can be to qualify for financing which is why we make the process a quick, easy and time-saving experience for interested applicants. All you need to do is complete our short online application form here or if you’d like, talk to us directly at 917-533-2979. Make the smart move today!