In the long and rich history of business, technopreneurship is a relatively new breed of entrepreneurship. The word cannot even be found in most dictionaries. But what sets technopreneurs apart from traditional businessmen? These are people who push boundaries, challenge the status quo and like to take the path less trodden. In short, they are rebels.

As Singapore quickly develops into a technopreneurial hub, the spike in numbers in the community is a surprise to none. Such innovative startups are springing up like mushrooms and finding a functional and productive workspace for a small team poses a great challenge for many business owners. With rising rental and property prices, it is becoming impractical to rent a traditional office space.

There is, however, an appealing solution to this issue. According to Forbes, many of today’s more successful startups in the Southeast Asia region started out in a co-working space. In Singapore particularly, the number of co-working spaces grew from one in 2009 to about 50 today. Initially, the idea was dismissed as a fad that would soon meet its demise. A decade later, it has proven to have graduated beyond just another trend and it looks like it is here to stay.

Instead of providing the bare necessities that traditional workspaces do, co-working spaces serve as a point of contact for startups. These environments build a community and generate an experience. They create opportunities to bring together fellow tech-savvy minds who share a common goal — to bring innovations that disrupt the status quo and change the lives of the masses for the better.

Technopreneurs looking for a modern, effective and functional space to settle into can now breathe a sigh of relief. With rooms of various sizes and the option of bespoke or fully-furnished rooms, Gather Co-work allows you to hold functions, networking sessions and workshops. Besides basic amenities such as a 3-in-1 printer, it also provides high speed internet and 24-hour access. Excuse us, conventional working hours. It’s time to make way for productivity.

This group-centric space gives technopreneurs the freedom to bounce ideas off one another and helps them to expand their businesses through collaborations and partnerships. Say goodbye to old-school office environments and head to Gather Cowork’s website now for more information or to make a booking.

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