With so many people out of work today, 5 million plus just last year, and those wanting to leave there 9-5 job, the question “Can You Really Make Money Online?” is a question many are trying to find the answer to.

But on the other hand, there are many people online that are NOT making money. Frankly, they are not even making enough to even out the expenses. Their dreams of living the lifestyle that they wanted in the beginning is now a “pipe dream”. The boredom of sitting at the computer all day, not getting anywhere, family interruptions constantly, these “wannabe’s” really want to give up.

The thought of not making any money online and not being able to keep up with the daily bills is very daunting! Hopefully, these people have not given up their day JOB yet. Many can testify on the stress, long hours, and the struggle of trying to learn something new. Therefore, now you are asking yourself can I really make money online.

According to the expert leaders, gurus you can make money online and become rich over night! In addition, according to some these are instant riches overnight. Seriously, YES, you can make money online and live the lifestyle that you dream of. However, it is usually not overnight and these experts do not tell how much time, stress and energy that it will take.

Starting out you are so enthusiastic and pumped and feeling that this new venture was never like the 9-5 JOB that you had. Finding the right company sometimes will take months, not counting the training and endless hours applying all that you are trained. Even a year or more is not unusual to find that perfect way to make money online.

Thanks for the technology of today, there are so many tools, resources to help you find the business, grow the business and be successful in your business. Many of the “newbie’s” get into a rut whereas they want to change or re-invent the tools that are so available. I will tell you I tried it and soon found that you must not try to re-invent the wheel. You will be so overwhelmed with the information that you will want to give up. Do not. After finding, the right company for you and you find the right mentor and right tools everything will look like sunshine. I am not saying it will be easy, but there is a ray of hope there.

So can you make money online? Yes, you can but you have to be yourself. Decide on what you want to do. Do the groundwork and be a sponge, absorb all the information that you can get. In other words, be focused and will to have the difficulties it takes to find the right niche. Make friends, learn and promote the product/service, do not give up. You will soon learn that all of your stress, long hours and research are paying off. Once you do that you can relax a little, sit back and enjoy your new business. Take baby steps soon you will be running with the big dogs!

Glenn Mosser is an expert Online Marketer, known as “The Meetings Millionaire”. He and his team have produced in the excess of $10,000,000 in revenue in the home-business industry combined. Glenn is a very sought after speaker and trainer to some of the biggest earners in the Home Business and Online Industry. To see what Glenn is up to visit

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