You Can Lead an Entrepreneur to The Ocean of Success by Laurie Hayes

As an entrepreneur, all of the knowledge and skill in the world won’t save your business if you continue making this one fatal mistake.

Are you guilty of not putting all of your knowledge, skills and abilities to the best use possible? Even more important, are you putting them to any use at all?

This is the equivalent to being provided a map to the ocean of success, having all of the necessary equipment lain by your feet, then remaining on shore watching the waves crashing in, making no effort to get your feet wet or sand between your toes.

In a similar vein, are there books on your shelves filled with information and resources that if translated to action would make a world of difference in your life and your business?

How many books have you read that left you thinking, “This is remarkable. I can do this”?

You put the book on your desk with the good intention of starting a new game plan the next day.

The next day comes and goes and the book sits untouched. An unexpected phone call distracted you from your plan.

Several days go by as you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Eventually, the book is getting in the way so you move it to the bookshelf. You’ll get to it when you can.

A month or two goes by and you discover another wonderful book that promises to give you everything you need to know to create a wonderful life, build a hugely successful business and have people seeking you out for your expertise and guidance.

Again, the book is good. It gives you scripts and plans and all of the “feel good” ingredients you need to get excited about the possibilities.

You put it on your desk with the full intention of putting those words of wisdom to use, then repeat the process of procrastination and distraction. The book eventually makes its way to your ever-growing book pile.

How much information do you have sitting on your bookshelf at this very moment that, if translated into planned, focused action would create an entirely new (improved) life for yourself?

What is the ‘real’ reason you have chosen not to act on it?

Sometimes it’s fear of the unknown. Sometimes it’s lack of confidence. Sometimes it’s just plain easier to continue doing what is comfortable and familiar.

You may have as much knowledge and ability as the next person, yet what she is doing differently that has her where you want to be, is putting that knowledge to use.

You can’t turn around these days without having access to some type of book or resource that is filled with valuable information, insights and connect-the-dot instructions on how to carry out a plan that will help you create a desired outcome.

Others who have done it ‘the hard way’ are sharing their experience for your benefit. You don’t have to struggle, suffer or give up things that are important any more in order to create a better life.

The only thing stopping you is the absence of “action.”

Look through your bookshelves today and pull out one of those books you intended to put to good use. As you sift through the pages, think about what you could create if you started applying the knowledge into action.

Where could you be in one year, two years … ten years?

Close your eyes and imagine you took the appropriate action and created your desired reality. What does your life look like? What are your relationships like? Are you in a new home? How do you spend your time? How do you spend your money?

Imagine it is real, this moment. How does it feel?

You can translate the knowledge that surrounds you into the lifestyle you desire by taking action.

If procrastination and lack of focus are a problem, partner with a professional coach or join a mastermind group to support and multiply your efforts.

Success is accelerated when your efforts are leveraged through the power of other minds. Going it alone is the slow, hard and lonely way. Opportunities are missed and actions although intended, often remain as that, never to materialize.

The information is at your fingertips and there are others who are willing to support and guide you through the process. Take that information, reach out for assistance, and commit to making “it” happen for you.

If something is getting in the way of you putting information to useArticle Search, partner with a coach to explore the reasons behind the inactivity. Sometimes the answer can reveal itself rather quickly when seen through the lens of an objective partner.

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