How your work space looks like can have an effect on how you feel and therefore how productive you’re going to be. An open work space with room for you to stretch and think can make you feel more happy and productive and your quality of work can reflect the mood you were in while you were working. Likewise the opposite is also true as a cramped and uncomfortable work setting could lead to a less productive low quality work performance. If you want your business to have happy productive employees here are 4 ways you can change their working environment.

Change their work space
Having a clean, neatly organized office has been proven to have a big positive impact for employees. “Even if the sun can’t shine into your work place, make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere with comfy furniture, working equipment and a few “extra-mile’ amenities” says Mike Canarelli, CEO of Web Talent Marketing. A work space that allows employees to feel comfortable physically will allow them to feel unwind mentally and giving them the freedom to reshape their work space and being flexible in regards to where they can work can motivate them to work even more.

Knowing what works and doesn’t work in your office
A good working environment is nothing without the right employees. One unproductive employee who can’t work in a group can be enough to bring your whole business down. “Toxic” workers working near your other more competent staff can make them acquire the toxic employee’s counter productive working habits. Dylan Minor an assistant professor of managerial economics & decision science at the Kellogg school of management refers to this effect as “ethical spillover” and believes that much like a disease bad working habits can be contagious.

A thoughtful leader whose considerate to the needs of his/her employees always puts them first. Leaders always try to help their followers reach their full potential and resolve any issues or answer any questions they may have. A manager who displays positive business quality traits earns the respect of their staff and being lenient and compromising works better in favor off the business/ organization. Being flexible is an important trait today’s managers and business owners should have because it allows you to adapt to changes inside and outside the business and being open to new suggestions, changes or answers from your employees gives your business the advantage of being able to take advantage of new strategies and ideas while creating an environment that makes your employees feel as though what they say matters encouraging them to take a more active role in your business.

Lastly communication is key for any type of organization to operate. Communication can affect the working environment you’re in as employees feel more valued and motivated when it is shown that their contributions count overall. As a leader feedback helps the team know how well they’re doing and what they can improve on but it’s not just limited to employee performance. Getting opinions from your workers can also benefit you as a leader as their feedback can help you make corrections in how you can better lead them. It’s important that communication is never interrupted in a organization whether it be through email, by phone or text and even through social media accounts. This all depends on the hierarchy structure of your business off course but in some organizations horizontal business structures allow upper and lower managers to communicate freely with their employees without a chain of command which compared to the more rigid structure of vertical command structures allows businesses to save time and generate new ideas better. Through these tips you can improve your employees working environment which will have an overall benefit to your business.