Technology has grown to become something we cannot live without in today’s society whether it be at work, school or our private lives. It’s true that devices like smart phones, tablets and PC’s has made our lives so much easier and convenient too considering the number of things we can do at the push of a button and the latest tech always has something more to offer to its consumers which is why people wait on line for hours for the newest Iphone releases in stores. Businesses like people value technologies that can help them in any one of their core functions  like marketing and sales and through innovation technology is changing the way businesses are being run. Through new technologies new businesses can disrupt industries while older ones can adjust to changes in their industry and outperform their competition.

With technology you have the ability to do many important tasks relevant to your business without having to physically be in your office sometimes. Many organizations can communicate with their clients or other important third parties through e-conferences and there are some occupations that can allow you to telecommute meaning that you can work from home as long as you have a computer and phone to use. Mobile tools and cloud based services are some of the other options you can use for your business as long as you have someplace to work in. It should therefore be noted that your work space should be someplace that works best for your business’s needs and does not cost your business much to use. One way to save on cost is by using co-working spaces that could save your business much on overhead expenses.

An online presence is key for a business to remain relevant in the eyes of consumers and although billboards and flyers are good ways of making sure your business is not forgotten in this age people are focused more on what’s happening in the digital world which why outlets like Yahoo, Youtube and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are so popular because there are more people on them. Managing your business’s website is therefore important as it is most likely that potential customers will look at what your website says about you and if it fails to make a good first impression then your business is going to have to invest on it’s web presence. In addition to your business’s web presence you should also allow customers to get to know what your business is offering by displaying your products online with details that go along with it and selling it online. Marketing research must be taken into consideration off course so that your business can get a better understanding of what their customers want and listening to their opinions can help you make the changes necessary for you so that your products meet their needs.

There are tools online that helps you measure data analytics that can help you make good choices for your business. Customer relationship management software lets you know your customers even further and helps you acquire other more relevant information that could give you ideas on how to improve your marketing strategy and improve your sales forecast. There are many cost saving options for you to choose from if some of these software services are too costly for your business. Last thing to note is that through technology improvements in your business can help it prepare for changes in their industry that will require you to adapt what you can offer your customers. Some businesses become trendsetters in their industry paving the way for other businesses to adapt what they can give to their customers which is why you must constantly be vigilant of any changes taking place in the market before your business falls behind. “Innovation has to be a persistent state,”  says Noah Wintroub, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase . “If you don’t disrupt, someone will do it for you.” These are some of the ways that technology can help your business prosper but technology alone does not help your business succeed but a combination of proper business strategies, knowledge and having the right people must all taken into consideration before they can help your company reach its full potential.