If your a business owner can you remember the last time you had a vacation? If you can’t remember do you think it’s time you should take one but can’t because you think it’s out of reach or too busy to take one? And if you’ve have do you take your work with you? If so then you’re no different from the number of business owners who’ve either have not taken a vacation in more then a year or usually take their phone or computer with them to finish their work while on”vacation”.

      According to a 2014 report conducted by ADT only 55% of small business owners never travel without their phone/ personal computers with them. Although being a small business owner is a very time consuming demanding job there are ways you can prep yourself to take time off. The average American worker gets about two weeks of vacation a year on average and it is common for many employees to refuse to take vacation in fear of being laid off. In fact a Oxford study reports that American workers forfeit $52.4 billion in paid vacation days in 2014 alone. The average American small business owner is apparently no different but one of the things they can change is being prepared.

Preparations– If you intend in taking any trips anytime soon its important that you let your employees, customers and clients know in advance long before you depart. On top of this you must have a list of contacts on you even in a physical copy form so that you can reach in case of any emergencies because your phone or computer can get lost, lose power or get disconnected. A paper on the other hand doesn’t have a battery life and is usually quicker then scrolling through a contact list on your phone or portable computer. Handle all work or last minute tasks that needs to be done too so you have one less thing to worry about. Managing your time to meet important deadlines before a big vacation means moving quicker and working harder.

Train your team– If you gone your employees will assume most of your managerial responsibilities because there are somethings that can go wrong that they are not prepared for. For some reason things tend to fall a part when your not there but because you have experience you know what do to when somethings don’t work. To prep for any disaster you must appoint a person with a list of instructions of what to do when this or that happens like what to do when your computers are down or who you call when there’s a maintenance issue. Just so they don’t disturb you while you rewind give specific instructions as to what kind of emergencies must be sent to you and if you want a notification of anything that happened in the day that might be important.

Self management-Self management is key for any manager to get what they need done because being able to set expectations on yourself and follow through on them helps you manage everything around you but it can also help you relax. If the goal of your vacation is to be as relaxed as possible then you can’t bring work with you. That means setting time limits as to when you would check on your business and refrain from doing other tasks that you would normally do when you’re working and have your employees answer any calls or save any important messages and. For any important contracts or forms that need to be sent or received it’s best you hold off on them because you’d want to give time to go over them in detail without rushing.

      Everyone needs a vacation every now and then so don’t bring your work with you. Let people you trust handle what needs to be done so you can get some R & R. The less time you spend working the more time you get to yourself and the better you feel when you come back to work.

This article was sourced and modified from http://www.businessknowhow.com/manage/vacation.htm and https://due.com/blog/3-ways-business-owners-can-plan-for-time-off/.