The problem that most Governments fail to understand is that small business owners do not have spare money to respond to a new type of licence or changing of the law every 5 minutes.

I recently read an advertisement where a Government Agency is offering a course in a new technology. This course costs $250 and you can get a rebate of $175 providing you purchase a laptop, PC, or iPad. That will equate to about $700 plus. They just don’t get it – small business is hurting.

I also read with interest the amount of business advice, business help and business coaches available to assist you through. Well they are in small business as well.

I decided than that to really help small business something needed to be done so we formed Small Business Rescue Team.

In the first month we examine the business and write Business, Marketing and Strategic Action Plans. But guess what – we aren’t doing all the work – the business owner also has a responsibility to their own business.

After that we go to the automation process where you get to find all the wonderful things that don’t cost you money.

If you are a struggling or start-up small business then this Sunshine Coast based company has the tools to assist you in these tough economic times. Small Business Rescue Team has released an automated program to assist any small business owner to take control of their future.

The program which is 48 weeks in duration consists of many tutorials and activities for small business owners to build their business.

At $35 per week for the user friendly program it is easy to see why small business owners who are struggling are looking for guidance and assistance.

We know small business is bleeding and cannot afford big fees, so we have made it very affordable for any owner to tap into our knowledge and move forward. We are business strategists not coaches, our task is to show the clients what is available to them and help them build to increased profit margins even in tough times.

The free eBooks on the site capture the mode of thinking of this team which has the philosophy ‘The Money is better in Your Pocket’. The two eBooks include 7 tips for Small Businesses which shows how to set-up a business for a low outlay using the free services available on the internet, whilst the second book outlines strategies for small business owners.

Ian Waller is the the General Manager of A Business that helps Small Business Owners web blog.

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