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When it comes to innovation, Massachusetts outranks most other states in the country with nearly 20% of all wages in the past ten years coming from the technology industry alone.  Being dubbed the “innovation economy”, the New England state is experiencing growth in its strong networks of biotechnology startups, medical research and academic institutions which have drawn very lucrative partnerships with major companies such as Roche Holding Ltd and Celgene Corp.  While not a leader in having the most tech-based entrepreneurs, Massachusetts does beat its west coast rival in tech-based research and development according to the Boston Globe.

Massachusetts is also home to the headquarters of powerhouse firms such as New York Life and Liberty Mutual Group and has a very robust life science industry with more than 550 biotech and drug development companies doing business there. Manufacturing is another industry that has long been the considered the staple of Massachusetts’s economy producing a number of technological equipment such as microchips, communication devices, computer and electronic parts and automation products.

Massachusetts, though, has experienced low unemployment in companies working in computer and telecommunications hardware dropping by 10% since 2009. Luckily, the state still a strong technological leader when it comes to workforce education, research, and development spending and is considered to be one of the most highly favored start-up location due to its dense environments of start-up networks and ability to attract funding from investors at early stages of growth.

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