Public safety is one of the most important investments a community needs and appearances can sometimes be an indication as to how well a protected a neighborhood is. This is why a series of renovations are being done in Phoenix, Arizona’s art center community Roosevelt Row. Mayor of the little community Greg Stanton has made efforts to revitalize the downtown area which use to be a haven for drugs and criminal activities but now is being invested in to become a center for creativity with a series of programs being implemented to reshape the communities image one of which the “Love Your Block” was a $30,000 grant designed to help fund a series of revival projects in the area.

      Although the credit for public safety can be given to the local municipal services such as the police and the Stanton administration small businesses have also played a role into the public safety of the comm unity. Though they are not involved directly with protecting the neighborhoods they do have an impact on how it is kept safe as small businesses tend to form community relationships with the local residents. “Some restaurants are very community-oriented and love getting involved with their surrounding neighborhoods. If you bring a family oriented restaurant into a community it can grow to become a part of the culture to the neighborhood,” says Alex Ruiz a resident who has served 10 years in the Phoenix Police force. Business owners and the communities around them are connected by the relationships they have with one another encouraging investment in the growth and public safety of their neighborhood.

      Some businesses in Roosevelt Row realize that they have a level of expectation to provide their customers a safe environment and so would devote their efforts into being more involved in protecting their homes. With new businesses popping up in the neighborhood some people would also expect to see a change in the quality of life in Roosevelt Row. This trend of course is not just appearing only in Roosevelt Row but other Phoenix neighborhoods as well. Business now are starting to see the importance of establishing close ties not only with their customers and communities but other businesses as well which is something that the company Upward Projects adopts into it’s organization’s culture. It has started a chain of restaurants within Phoenix’s Uptown Plaza in which all of their restaurants being of walking distance from the homes of the local residents.

      It is becoming more important now then ever for businesses in downtown Phoenix to connect with the residents of their communities as they provide hospitality to their customers beyond the services that other restaurants would provide. There is now a that businesses must do more for their community as said by Lauren Bailey one of the architects behind Upward Projects “Creating connections with our guests is how we do our part in being a great place for the community.” Recently the businesses have asked the city to create crosswalks for two of Phoenix’s other neighborhoods Camelback and Colter to allow pedestrians safer walkways to which has completed construction in 2015.


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