In today’s era, it is very important to reach to a level where you are able to afford lavish stuff and can lay hands on everything you once desired. Who doesn’t have dreams? Everyone does and to fulfill it sometimes we land up splurging on our fortune. One difference would make it easy, if only we knew where and how much to spend and one question to be asked to yourself that is it WORTH.

When I was a kid, we were always taught about budget planning, that time I only took it as my academic lesson, it’s only when I entered in to parenthood I understood what importance it holds. As far as it’s just two of you it doesn’t matter of how much you think about spending money, but when two becomes three priorities starts changing, and you have to start putting your needs in the back seat. A proper planning of your expenditure would make it a lot easy for you to stack up your priorities or needs and spend accordingly.

A man’s life undergoes a transition from being single to being in a relationship and then ultimately being a parent and as life takes on its diverse course it tends to make a man adjust to its changing needs. Where once he could unthinkably splurge on his desires, now he thinks twice before spending a penny. Once you start up a family, responsibilities come with it and lead you to play another role that is the role of a budget planner. No matter how much you earn, it’s always important to keep an account of your expenditure and plan accordingly as to where and how much to spend.

It’s difficult to keep a check on your desires, especially when you are standing amidst two things and you are required to choose only one of it. That moment its very necessary that you make a right choice keeping the priorities in mind, but making the right choice doesn’t mean that you compromise on your dreams. You need to ruminate well so that you can design your future with present savings. Budget planning helps you draw a line between your outgo and savings.

As it is well said that the “cup of knowledge is filled one drop at a time” which goes well for saving little everyday so that you can provide your children with everything they require to have a better life. If you save today you draw a better tomorrow for you and your family. Every outlay has its own time and they are better meant to be done at right time for a right purpose.

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