Why should I be my own boss? by Trevor Browne

Today, we see a vast increase in the number of entrepreneurs across the globe. Earlier, there were not many people who started their own ventures for fear of financial insecurity. Perceptions changed, thanks to the advancements in technology and the penetration of internet. People became more aware of the world of opportunities available online and they wanted to make the most of it. There are many online sources that value the right kind of talent; therefore, people became confident knowing that there is a world beyond their 9 to 5 profile that is full of opportunities waiting to be explored. Why should I be my own boss? Read this article to get convincing answers for this question.
Unleash your true potential
When you work for somebody, you only do the job as you are instructed. You follow a set of rules and never deviate from it. On the rare occasions when your manager is willing to listen to your ideas, he listens and dismisses them for not being practical enough. You feel demotivated doing the same monotonous work every day and you feel that your brains are becoming dull. This is why many people quite their corporate profiles and start their own ventures. When you are own manager, you can reflect upon your strengths and take up projects that unleash your true potential and creativity.
Get recognised for what you do
In a corporate atmosphere, you are one among the thousands of employees working for a project. Therefore, your efforts tend to go unnoticed. Even if your manager realises the good work that you have done, you wouldn’t want to single you out while appreciating and applauding his team. He would take the credit for the work that you have done, which can frustrate you to bits. This is why it is important to start a business of your own and enjoy the feeling of how it is be your own boss. As an individual contributor, when you do a good work, your client immediately appreciates it and even writes some good words about you on your LinkedIn profile, if he is kind enough. This can stand you in good stead when you are looking for more projects.
Understand the value of time and money
When you were working for a company, you were never really concerned about factors like billing costs, time value of money in case of project extensions and other nitty-gritty involved in project management. However, when you become your own boss, you begin to appreciate these values like never before. You learn that every second is important after having committed to a project and its deadline. So you work with your full heart and soul into it, thereby improving your productivity to a great extent. You become forced to take tough decisions on your own and learn the impact of these decisions on your business. You make mistakes but you learn from them quickly so that you don’t repeat them in the future orders. You do this because you cannot afford to make many mistakes.

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