On February 24th, Smart Business Funding had the opportunity to sponsor Brooklyn native boxer, Gabriel “Tito” Bracero in his fight against welterweight champ Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City Saturday night. While the fight ended in a draw, we are very proud of Bracero and all of the efforts he has made over the years devoting his life to training hard and improving his skills needed to succeed as a fighter. We at Smart Business Funding would like to sponsor the fighter in every small business owner by helping them gain access to quick and easy funding of up to $500,000 by applying with us online. With us, there’s no wait as owners who apply can expect to receive the money in as quickly as two days and with our high approval rates, flexible payment plans, and quality customer service, business owners would come to find that applying for funding with us at Smart Business Funding is the best decision they can make for their store, working practice or small company. Make the switch by calling us at 917-533-2979 so that we can offer your business the help it needs with the terms that work in its best interest. We wish both Bracero and all of the merchants that have applied to us for financing in the past good luck on their future endeavors and to call us whenever they are in need of our support.