Advertising your business can be a tricky thing to do. There are different ways you can put your business’s name out there but there is no perfect answer in creating the catchiest slogan or having the most appealing billboards that would attract tons of customers to your business. Though being creative is not easy another reason why your business may be having difficulty in advertising at least to you may be because of the cost. There are many advertising campaigns with cost that could go into the millions of dollars but since your business obviously doesn’t have that kind of budget there are much more cost efficient methods you can use to advertise your business and other things you can do to enhance your business’s advertising campaign.

      As said earlier generating creative ideas to advertise your business is not something people can easily muster up not even the bigger companies that spend more on advertising their products/services then your business do. Keep in mind that adding more money doesn’t equate to a better ad and that you can do more with less. Nike for example most current ad slogan “Just Do It” was created in 1988 by the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy lasting almost 30 years without any changes. The slogan was coined by the agencies co-founder Dan Weiden who drew inspiration from the the last words of the infamous criminal Gary Gilmore. Not saying you should draw inspiration from the words of famous killers but sometimes simple ideas or catchphrases can create winning advertisement campaigns.

Mobile advertising
      There are ways to create advertisements that require little involvement from people. Programmatic advertising is a way businesses can advertise digitally and it works by getting the attention of people passing by your website who are most likely going to buy something for you website. This is one of the better type of ad programs for small businesses to use because it saves them tiome and money and the digital platform can zero in directly to their target consumers. Some programmatic advertising includes specifically geared towards small businesses are ReTargeter,Visibl and Pocketmath. The programs allow to buy impression at a time to help  them find the right price and see what works for them.

Buying/Selling ad units
      There are places small businesses can go to buy and sell ad units but before you think about this there are some things you must think about. One of them is In-text advertising which is form of contextual advertising where specific keywords within the text of a web-page are matched with advertising and/or related information units. To attract people to websites 2 of the most popular service provider of In-text advertising are Infolinks and Sourcengo which are often used by small enterprises. Although useful it’s best that you diversify your searches when it comes to ad buying and find other means of creating creative ideas.

Rich media ads 
      Rich media ads are ads with advance features that allow people to interact with it. They usually force viewers on your website to pay attention to the ads because they’re intrusive. These are the type of ads that pop up when you’re navigating through a web page and the slightest movement of the mouse prompts the ad to open up. This could be a nuisance to many people so if you intend on using it be mindful not to make it too intrusive. On the other hand they are really useful in that they could target one specific target market millennials as they prefer digital related marketing and prefer shopping in places they have a strong positive experience with.

      There is no one shoe fits all when it comes to the perfect approach to advertising your business but one best method you can use is different methods. There are a lot of ways to advertise your business and finding out which one is the best really varies per person or business. Though choosing the right platforms is key being creative means just as much and there is no real online tool you can use to generate creative ads but there are many that could help. One thing that’s for sure is that if you want your businesses to do well when it comes to advertising you must explore all options available to you and create ideas that work for your business at a reasonable cost so that you’re not paying a lot out of pocket for an ad that might flop.