Solid communication between your employees and your Human Resources department is essential to running an efficient business. Using email and phone calls to ask for and relay information is outdated. What you want is clear, precise, and simple communication between HR and your employees. Whether you are sending out important reminders about trainings, or you need to verify work hours, SMS texting is going to revolutionize how your HR department handles daily business.

Send Out Texts for Important Reminders

When you have a busy HR department, it can be very time consuming to set up meetings and make sure trainings are well attended. With text messaging, it is possible to send out important reminders to employees regarding meetings. In addition, the reminders can be set up to go out automatically. This ensures that meetings are attended and employees are made aware of necessary trainings coming up.

Reach Your Employees Fast

It is much faster to reach your employees through a text message than it is to send an email or leave a phone message. At least 90% of all text messages are viewed within three minutes of being sent. This means that you can send out an emergency text to employees if you have a security risk, you need to close quickly, or you have a shift that needs to be filled right away. When you want to get a message out to your employees fast, text messaging is the perfect way to do it.

Send Motivational Messages to Employees

You can use text messaging to boost morale in your company, as long as you aren’t inundating your staff with too many texts. When you want to motivate your staff, you can send out a quick text message about current progress or about an employee who has done exceptional work. Share industry news with your employees or simply send out a thank you for their tireless efforts to make your company great.

Automate Frequently Asked Questions with Short Codes

Your HR department can spend hours on the phone answering basic questions for your employees. To elevate this time consuming task, you can use keywords to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that your HR department receives. For example, if an employee wants to know how much sick time they have available, they can send the short code “SICK” to the HR department and the system will automatically answer that employee with the right information. This reduces the amount of time your valuable HR employees spend on the phone and improve efficiency.

Ask for Employee Feedback

Surveys are the easiest way to find out how your employees are feeling. You can ask questions in a survey through text messaging, and employees are more likely to respond to a text than an email. You’ll receive results quickly and be able to make decisions based on the wishes of your employees more readily. When you want employee input, surveys through text messaging are the best way.

Streamlining communication and making the job of your HR department easier is essential to running a business in the 21st century. You will be able to gather information quickly, and reach employees if you have an emergency in seconds. Texting opens up a line of communication between your employees and HR department that is more efficient and fruitful. To improve communication throughout your company, it’s time for an SMS texting solution that can fit your needs.

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