Smart Business Funding is an alternative financing company founded in 2014 focused on providing small businesses funding in the form of a cash advance. Founded by experienced financial experts with a background in underwriting, we at Smart Business Funding service businesses working in a wide variety of industries except for payday lenders and law firms providing financing for tools, inventory, utilities and other expenses. Unlike traditional lenders, good credit and collateral are not required to receive funding from us and applicants who apply can expect to receive funding within two days after being approved. There’s no fixed monthly payments or interests when businesses apply and with no strict terms in regards to where the money goes, applicants are free to use the funding as they please. Another benefit that applicants can take advantage of when they apply for funding with us is an easy and simple repayment process where a portion of your business’s credit revenue is taken automatically at a rate that adjusts to how much revenue your business makes per month. We understand the struggle that small businesses go through when it comes to finding funding which is why we make it easy for them to apply. Merchants and business owners who apply with us get quality financial assistance without dealing with roadblocks such as long applications, rejections based on business experience or industry and the need of good credit rating to be considered for funding. Over here, we find the best solutions to your business’s unique financial problems so that we can not only get you funded but also form a lasting relationship built on trust and our business-friendly atmosphere. Call us at 917-533-2979 or visit us at to explore what options we can offer your business. To visit us in person, we are located at 2376 McDonald Ave Brooklyn, NY 11223. Don’t wait and contact us soon.