Managing your cash flow is an important part of running a business and an important skill for any individual. If you deal with any money coming in or out of your wallet, then cash flow management needs to be something you work on perfecting. Being able to see exactly how much money is coming in and where the funds are allocated will help you to make smarter decisions for yourself and your business.

Below are popular apps you can use to manage the cash flow in your personal life or for your business.

1. CWMoney Expense Track

Packed with the ability for voice recognition, this app can help you see your income, expenses and comes with a data manager and a report feature to always keep an eye on what funds you have. CWMoney Expense Track is ideal for individuals who are always in a hurry or need to add vocal notes to their financial records.

2. Andro Money

This app is ideal for individuals and managers of finances in businesses that like to have access to their financial records anywhere they go: on their phone or on their laptop. With export features, you can easily transfer financial files to and from your phone or computer.

3. EasyMoney

This app focuses on simplifying the data entry process and allows you to set specialized notifications to remind you about specific events (upcoming bills, overdue bills, and more).

4. Financisto

Keep your financial information always accessible and visible with this app, which comes with special widgets that you can set on your mobile’s home screen. You can set shortcuts to make it easier to access certain features of the app.

5. MoneyWise

While the graphic visuals are dated, this app provides solid features to allow you to see exactly where your funding is and how it’s being spent. The app comes with special graphing features to present the information in different ways.

6. Daily Money

Keep an eye on your funding with this app that allows you to view an accumulative progress of your finances over months or years. This tool is great for seeing your progress over time and how different strategies can impact cash flow.

7. Expense Control

Designed to be extra simplified, this app is straight to the point for individuals who need basic data and want to spend less time managing their finances.