Do you own an automotive shop? How about a restaurant or trucking company? No matter what industry you work in (aside from payday lenders and law firms) we at Smart Business Funding can help you. Many traditional lenders can turn down applicants simply because the nature of their industry is considered too high a risk and while we understand not all industries are created equally, we believe that every small business deserves a second chance when it comes to being successful and that the industry that they work in shouldn’t be much of a deciding factor when it comes to qualifying for financing. At Smart Business Funding, we fund, electronic stores, hotels, gift shops, gas stations, construction businesses, medical practices, restaurants, bars and nightclubs and more all without the need of good credit or collateral to apply. We can fund businesses in as quickly as 2 days plus there are no fixed monthly payments, interests or long applications forms when you apply with us. If you’re a merchant or business owner seeking financing, call us at 917-533-2979 to see what we can do for your small business today.