As a manager you hold many titles and can be referred to be many things. You are basically the Tom Brady to your Patriots, the Leonidas to your Spartans, the Gandalf to the elf people in the Lord of The Rings. But names aside as a manager you are the person who has the final say in every big decision. Not many people feel that they could own up to that task and for good reasons cause being responsible for the big decisions is a little overwhelming. Some of the reasons that people feel this way may be because of lack of experience but another big reason is low confidence in their skill set as a manager. Managers must always find ways to improve their skills and knowledge in order to not be just a manager but a good one. It’s hard at times considering the daily tasks that exist at hand but working on them now will have a big positive impact for you in the future and here are 6 ways you can do that.

1.)  Learn to motivate others- In human nature for people to be self serving and employees just like everyone else fit into that category. People can motivated to do things for different reasons for employees it maybe because of incentives like higher salary or a promotion or because they take some type of pride in their work or because they are afraid of what the consequences might be if they do what they’re suppose to but point is there is some type of gain they get. When it comes to employees who slack the key to getting them as a manager motivated is to help them figure out what do they want or what do they want to do and how you can help them get there. Working with them and helping them reach their goals or improve themselves could motivate them to do better and they work better with you.

2.) Being available- Managers are always busy catering to the needs of different parties whether it be customers, suppliers, creditors and depending upper management too. It’s a know brainer that managers must be available for their employees too because they depend on managers for instruction, advice and direction. They should come to you if there is any issue that needs resolving or any creative input they want to share with you meaning you must be approachable. A manager whose always there for their employees improves their interpersonal skills which for a manager is very important.

3.) Communication- Communication is another important skill managers must have. Information is always being passed back and forth in any type of organization and even though we’re living in a modern era where people could communicate through phones and computers being able to talk to your team and let them know what’s going on or what needs to be done must is something that’s never going to disappear. This is why some companies/businesses hold staff meetings and team briefings so that everyone can know and share anything that might be important to what they’re trying to accomplish. Learn to improve your speaking skills and improve your ability to facilitate so you can better direct your team.

4.) Learn to critic- Feedback is a way people can see where they stand on their work performance and learn what they can do to improve it. As a manager you have to do this with every employee you have so that they could know how well they’re doing but you should not use this as an opportunity to be too critical of their work performance. Constructive criticism is the best way you can help them improve without offending them because you can say the approach they use in any job they have is not the right way of doing things but belittling them just does not encourage them to do better. There is a more lenient way you can correct others with respect and the more you use more you use those methods the more they will improve without feeling spiteful. It should also be noted that employees respond well to positive feedback so if you want to encourage them to do better give them compliments every now and then so they stay motivated.

5.) Putting others first- Managers should put others needs in front of their own because everything you’re doing is for the needs of your employees, customers and other stakeholders involved in your organization. A good manager knows that their employees and customers are important resources and listening to what they have to say comes with the job so selflessness is something you should pick up. When a manager thinks of themselves only their employees have no one to voice their concerns to and that can lead to disaster and when it comes to customers you can lose them for good which is never good so be there to help others with their needs before you can attend to yours.

6.)  Taking time off- This may sound out of place but managers should learn to take time off too. Too much stress is not good for your physical health or your mental health and too much stress can impair your decision making skills a lot so take a breather in the moments of the day that you get to yourself to stretch. Some managers can work for years without taking a break but you should not let work control your life. Taking a vacation helps you unwind and refreshes you so that when you go back to being a manager your mind is clear to make good decisions and if a vacation is out of reach you could just take a walk, exercise, listening to music etc to help you relax more.