If your in the sales/retail industry then there’s a strong possibility that you’ve experienced a slow business day. Any small business no matter how successful they are can and probably have had days where the business has been moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to sales and those whose business operate at seasonal intervals of high and low sales can experience this every year. Business owners are always trying to find ways to attract more people to their business in these periods of slow sales activity to cover their expenses throughout the year. During these periods though you can use this as an opportunity to draw in your most loyal customers and reach out to new ones through special offers and deals while you revamp your marketing campaign to get the ball rolling. Here are 6 ways you can help your business pick up momentum to beat the slow seasons.

  • Free offers-One of the first things that you quickly noticed when you’re running a retail business is that people gravitate towards the best deals and if there is one deal that’s impossible to beat it is free deals or offers. Offering free samples of your products is a good way to get people interested in your business and it is an technique that has worked well for such businesses like Sephora a French make-up chain that offers free samples of their products to every customer. People love free things and this method of offering free samples has kept Sephora from experiencing slow business days. This is perfect for attracting new customers as this is a way for them to try your product without them having to actually buy it expanding your customer list.
  • Creating reward/referral programs- Rewards programs are an effective and inexpensive way to market your business. When you offer a reward which is usually a freebie after a customer has made a number of purchases of a good or product you create an incentive for people to buy more of your products thereby increasing sales. Referral programs help your business expand it’s customer base and retain their existing customers because you get the benefit of people spreading the word about your business while you’re rewarding them by giving them either discounts, cash or other prizes to keep them loyal to you. This can be way you can stay ahead of your competitors as well.
  • Get organized- When there’s not much else to do you can take this opportunity to get your business organized. This means raiding file cabinets and removing old documents, items or other irrelevant things taking space in your office, drawers and desks. A clear working space creates an environment free of distractions and gives you space to think and to work.
  • Start updating your website- At the same time while you’re getting your working space organized you can take the time to organize your business online too namely through updates. Constant updates is a must for your business as they keep your customers up to speed about any new products, offers and other useful information that they should know. Updating your computer’s firewalls and other anti-viral software can leave you less susceptible to virus infection or hacking activity so never neglect to do regular upgrades every now and then.
  • Take the time to invest in yourself- Investing in yourself can benefit your business too in the slow seasons. One way is through learning new skills online like the latest marketing tools you can use to get your business more exposure or you could take this time to connect with other people online who are in the same business of interest as you. LinkedIn is a perfect example of such places you can go to meet with other people who work in the same or similar field as your own.
  • Throw an a big event or Open House- Lastly if you really want to keep your customers you can throw a an open house for your business. It is helpful as you can get your most valued customers to come and see what your products have to offer. Open houses are more fun to attend because they’re are less formal and people can not only look at what you can offer them but also have a good time too. Another tip you could take is host annual events during seasonal holidays since most people would be off at that time. Your business can get popular with your community too if you host these events so be sure to advertise your business in all ways possible whether it be through social media to flyers just as long as word is getting out there about your business.

      Though there’s nothing you can do to fully protect your business from slow days there are things you can do to prevent them from slowing down your business’s bottom-line. If your business is in a rut take anyone of these actions now to get you by because being inactive puts your business in a position that would make it difficult to recover from slow seasons. Be creative in your approach to incentivize people to your business so that in the slower periods your business would continue to be productive.