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Thought Leadership And You by Kenison Fatal


As a business owner, when it comes to having knowledge about a certain product, service or industry, you’re an expert. At least to many of your customers and clients you are. Whenever someone needs help learning how to use a product or make a purchasing decision, you’re usually the person they would turn to. Of course, not all business owners are truly experts and becoming one in anything isn’t something that happens overnight. So how can a business owner become an expert in their field?

One way is by becoming a thought leader in their field. But before anyone can decide to be a thought leader, they must have a vast understanding of their industry first. For many owners, this journey usually begins in other companies where they gain firsthand knowledge about their industry. After awhile, they will use the knowledge, experience and skillset they’ve acquired to build their own businesses. As their business grows so does their understanding of their industry which they could use to lead it. This is where being a thought leader comes into play. But what are thought leaders and why are they important?

Understanding Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are individuals or firms that are recognized as leading authorities in their field of interest. They are well respected for the value their knowledge brings to others which is why they are often sought after. Thought leaders are reliable influencers capable of sharing insights and communicating ideas that can inspire others.

Thought leaders build credibility by contributing content that they share with the audience and peers through various platforms. This could be from speaking at functions events, writing books or articles, using social media outlets and so on. Thought leaders are always at the forefront of innovative thinking which is why they stand a part from others. With all of this in mind, how can small business owners benefit from being thought leaders?

Benefits For Small Businesses

There’s a number of perks that can come with being a thought leader. Among them includes greater exposure for your business to your target audience whether that be from customers or peers. When someone with expertise on a subject effectively creates a platform that discusses it, they will eventually build a following. By actively engaging with your market, you develop a greater understanding of its needs and how you can address them. The more quality content and solutions you share with others, the more your following will grow helping you gain trust.

As a thought leader, the spotlight is on you which is an advantage you can leverage to promote your business. The referrals and PR opportunities that can come with being a thought leader can also significantly improve your marketing reach. This could increase your chances of driving sales as customers are more inclined to buy from businesses they trust. The support you’ll receive from fellow experts in your field could also further boost your credibility as a leading authority. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are six steps entrepreneurs can take to become thought leaders in their field.

How To Be A Thought Leader In 6 Steps

Conduct research

If you want to be a thought leader, it’s important that you’re constantly researching your industry. Reading from reputable authoritative sources keeps you up to date on the latest trends happening in your industry. As you build more knowledge about your field you’ll also begin to develop new ideas that could possible revolutionize it. Books, articles, blogs, journals, podcasts and publications are helpful resources you can use to do research. To start, pick a topic that you’re very passionate about and find the most common questions surrounding those topics.

Create a strategy

After conducting your research, you’ll then need to find a way to position yourself as a leading authority. Using different strategies that align with your current marketing objectives can help you achieve this goal. To begin, start by creating content backed by credible data then share it with your audience. From there, you can use either SEMemail marketing, paid ads, social media or influencers if you have to market your content. Other options include using YouTube, speaking at public events, doing press releases, guest posting and more. You can use a combination of any these options to find what works best for you.

Publish high-quality content 

When it comes to publishing content, the goal is to create something that brings value to your readers. Whether it’s a blog, eBook, infographic, case study, or video, make sure that whatever you’re promoting is top notch and not self promotional. Low quality content could drive people away from you so always make sure that your content is fresh and genuine. This could not only help your brand stand out but also connect it with other B2B leaders too. Remember to create content that resonates with your audience by providing helpful, educational information that projects your personality.

Be consistent

Deciding to be a thought leader is a long term investment. If you want to build a following, you have to create content on a consistent basis. Doing so keeps you relevant and increases your odds of being seen by people who are being introduced to you for the first time. Maintain an editorial calendar and always remember to communicate with everyone that engages with your content to establish a closer connection. If you need help coming up with content ideas checkout this list here.


Being a thought leader means being active on conversations and build relationships across various  platforms. If you want to be recognized as a thought leader, it’s important that network with other industry players. You could do this by joining interest groups on social media or other online niche communities. Make sure that you’re actively engaging with others so that you can grow your following. In-person networking is another great way to build connection with others in your industry. Be sure to take advantage of participating in any speaking opportunities in events related to your industry.

Build a good team

The process of being a thought leader is not a one person job. Like everything, you need a capable support team that understands your goals and is involved in building your brand image. To build your team, pick from members of your work staff that you trust to help you reach your goal. You can also work with people outside your company like contractors or marketing agencies if you’re self employed. To begin the process, set objectives, designate roles and encourage open dialogue amongst your team. Doing so will allow you to obtain new ideas you’d never thought of on your own.

Being a thought leader can be a very rewarding experience but it can also be pretty challenging. Coming up with new ideas is tough and there’s no guarantee that your marketing efforts will lead to a positive ROI. What’s more, being a thought leader can leave you open for criticism which could threaten your reputation as well as your business’s. The fact is not everyone is cutout to be a thought leader but that shouldn’t keep you from experimenting. If you’re really passionate about your industry and willing to work hard to enhance it then you might have a chance to lead it someday.

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