Google is definitely one of the most innovative tech companies in the world and also has one of the most interesting work culture out of any tech company too which is probably why it has the number one spot on one of the best places to work in America ( Aside from being one of the most awesome places to work in Google has online tools that do just about everything and the few listed below are only just the tip of the iceberg. To some it would be difficult to picture what life would be like without Google since it is used so often from web browsing to checking out your email to finding the best route to go anywhere you’d like. It is therefore no surprise that just as it is convenient for people to use businesses find it just as useful too. Here are some tools that you may not have heard about that shows what Google has to offer its consumers.

Google My Business

      You may not think Google has a advertising service that is free to use but Google My Business is just that. To take advantage of this opportunity all you have to do is claim your business as a listing on Google My Business and it will be displayed on search results for local searches. Simply follow this link to free advertising on Google to begin the process and your business will be among those people will find on Google maps when they want to look for the closest spot to eat, shop or get their taxes done. Did I forgot to mention that it is free?


Google AdWords

      If you want to be more specific in terms of advertising Google has Adwords, a pay-per-click product. With it you can create ads that has specific keywords related to your business and your ads will appear by the search results when people look for these key terms. Unlike Google My Business this service is not free and the cost varies in terms of how often the keywords are used by other businesses but the payment is made when people click on your ad. More information can be found at check out our PPC Marketing Hub here.

Google Trends

      If you’re having problems trying to figure out what keywords to use however there’s always Google Trends which do analytical function of figuring what is the most popular keywords you can use. Google Trends does comparisons between the best keywords based on often it is used within a certain region or a different language through a in-depth degree and it has the added benefit of keeping you up to date of the latest topics, news, events and etc.


Google News

      One technique you can use to get more people looking into your business is newsjacking. Newsjacking takes advantage of the most trendiest news stories to increase your marketing reach and generate more sales. If you want to improve your market content Google News is the most convenient way to get the latest news that relates to your business and help bolster more traffic to your business. If you’d like to learn more about it you can check out this link “Complete Guide to Newsjacking.”


      Need to to build a website that others can access through their phones? If so GoMo is Google’s answer to those who have difficulty knowing where to start when it comes to building one. In this day and age being mobile friendly is more important than ever as people are more inclined to buy a good or service if they can have an easy time accessing it through their phones. GoMo provides a way to help people create mobile friendly websites free for a year and test to see if your pre existing website is mobile friendly or not. If you’re trying to expand your marketing reach mobile is the way to go.

Get Your Business Online

      And finally you have Get Your Business Online an online tool that helps you build a website. This may come out as being obvious but according to Google more than half of the small businesses in America don’t even have their own website which is why it should be brought up more often. Free website building, domain name registration and having resources that users can use for free to help their business advertise and become more successful are among the top perks of this online tool and since we can agree that “free” is the best price people could pay for anything it’s a good idea if you take advantage of this opportunity for your business.

      With all of these services that Google offers it’s no wonder that it is one of the leading tech companies in the world. Having all of these tools available online for you to use is almost like having an entire marketing or tech team working for your business.It’s wise that you choose tools works best for you and when you get the chance play around with the site to find out what other amazing things you can discover and considering Google’s ability to innovate there will definitely be more to choose from in the future.