Are you a merchant seeking funding or do you need capital to expand your small business? If any of the above is true then Smart Business Funding is the place for you. With us, you’ll get the opportunity to work with a small team of experts who understand some of the struggles that your business may be dealing with and are more than willing to help you get the help your business deserves. Why choose us? Unlike most lenders, we are not fixated on things like credit score or how much collateral you have and we know that not all small businesses are given a fair chance at receiving funding because of the industry they work in. By choosing to get funding from us, you’re giving your business a chance to succeed without having to worry about being rejected by other lenders who see you as an investment risk.

What makes us different? With our funding services particularly in merchant cash advances, we can provide your business with the funding it needs in a matter of days, not months like with SBA loans. Our applications are fast and simple and don’t require endless paperwork to complete. Our approval ratings are very high as is typical of cash advance providers and best of all repayment is not done on a fixed monthly payment basis but on a more flexible rate that adjusts to how much revenue your business generates through credit so that you don’t have to worry about being behind on payments. You also wouldn’t have to raise a finger when it comes to paying us back because only a small portion of the revenue your business makes from sales is taken automatically on a monthly basis. We won’t turn you down because of the industry you work in either just as long as your business doesn’t operate in the legal field of payday loan business. There’s nothing to lose but so much to gain when you choose us so call or text us at 917-533-2979 or apply for funding now through this link here. Say yes to quick and easy business funding today.